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Brazilian Butt Lift Ft. Myers

Over time the skin and muscle of the buttocks may lose tone and volume. In some cases, patients may have always had small buttocks, which caused them to feel as though their body was out of proportion. Procedures to enhance the shape and proportion of the buttocks have increased in popularity over the last several years.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Buttock or gluteal augmentation, known commonly as a Brazilian Butt Lift or simply a Butt Lift involves liposuctioning fat from one or more areas of the body and then transferring the fat to the buttocks to increase size and projection and/or to improve the shape of the buttocks and improve overall body proportion. This is the primary procedure performed today. Buttock implants, which were popular a number of years ago have fallen out of favor with most plastic surgeons for the fat transfer technique.

Slimmer patients will need to have liposuction of several areas to harvest enough fat to make a significant difference. Women who have particularly low body fat will not be candidates for this Butt Lift procedure because they will not have enough fat to harvest.

The Procedure

Liposuction is performed through small incisions that usually leave behind very inconspicuous scars. The fat is harvested in a sterile collection device. The transfer of fat is carried out by processing the fat to remove blood and local anesthetic fluid called tumescent fluid. The fat is then placed in syringes, which are attached to cannulas similar to those used to perform liposuction. The fat is then injected into the buttocks. In addition to using liposuction to harvest the fat for transfer some liposuction is also performed on the lower back and outer thighs if necessary to better shape the buttocks.

When will I see the Results?

While the results are immediately visible after the surgery it can take several months to see the final result after resolution of swelling and bruising. Also, some of the transplanted fat will not “take” and your body will absorb it. On average most patients will retain about 70-80% of the transferred fat. Most women are very pleased with the new shape and size of their buttocks and the overall improvement in body proportions. The results will vary over time if the patient gains or loses weight as the transplanted fat can grow or shrink just like normal fat in other areas of your body.


The first few weeks after the procedure are very important. Too much movement can affect the amount of fat that “takes”, as can too much direct pressure on the buttocks. In order to get the best results from the Butt Lift, Dr. Garramone recommends that patients limit movement for the first week. He does not recommend sitting or lying on the back while sleeping for the first two weeks and then for the next two weeks sitting on a pillow for short periods. After one month, there are no restrictions.

For more information about a Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttock Augmentation or to schedule a Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttock Augmentation consultation, please contact Dr. Garramone’s office today at 239.482.1900.