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Sculpting the Body of Your Dreams

Body contouring isn’t just one procedure but rather references a group of procedures that target different areas of the body. Although there are many areas of the body that respond well to physical fitness and healthy diets, there are those areas that no amount of exercise or dieting can improve. Body contouring surgery is one option for people whose skin and underlying tissue have lost their natural elasticity due to massive weight loss, pregnancy, aging, sun damage, genetics, or other reasons.

When to Consider Body Contouring

If there are parts of your body that have been affected by age or perhaps extreme weight loss, you may want to consider Dr. Garramone’s body contouring procedures as a solution. Our body contouring options have the potential to remove not only excess, loose, or sagging skin and fat deposits but also those miscellaneous areas where there are uneven body contours. 

Body contouring can visually impact and improve the tone of the tissue that lies underneath, as well as improving the appearance of cellulite that leaves you with dimpled, uneven skin. It even improves those hated areas that sag or droop.

What Types of Body Contouring Do You Offer?

Our office will sit down with you to discuss the problem areas affecting you and your goals in eliminating these areas. Some of the body contouring procedures that Dr. Garramone specializes in include:

Your Custom Treatment Plan

To reach individual goals, Dr. Garramone may recommend one or more of these procedures. Body contouring can be done in one session but may require multiple sessions depending on the patient’s health, the type and extent of procedures and the magnitude of the outcome discussed. During your consultation, Dr. Garramone will walk you through everything you might need to know about your treatment, so you’ll be fully safe and comfortable, at every step of the way.


The Ideal Candidate

Good candidates for body contouring are adults whose weight loss has stabilized. It is important that the individual is healthy without any medical condition that impairs healing or increases the risk of surgery.

It is best if the individual is a non-smoker and committed to leading a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and fitness, as a well balanced diet and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy body and contribute to one’s body image.

Enjoy the Results of Your Dreams

For more than 20 years now, Dr. Garramone and his incredible surgical team have been creating incredible results for patients in Fort Myers, Naples FL, and the nearby areas, and we’re excited to learn more about what we can do for you. With our wide variety of impressive procedures, we offer both surgical and non-surgical solutions to just about any issue that might bring you through our door.

If you’re ready to begin enjoying the body you know you deserve, we’re here to help! Reach out and set up your consultation today to learn more about what Dr. Garramone and his incredible team can do for you.