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Leading the way in clinical research for skincare

Backed by research and clinical data, SkinMedica patented and pioneered Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS). This incorporates the highest concentration (93.6%) of naturally secreted growth factors and cytokines to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate your skin. The results with TNS are backed by more clinical studies than any other topical cosmetic growth factor on the market today.

Corrective Complex to rebuild and rejuvenate your skin

Advances in biotechnology have led to new sources for growth factors, which have been researched and thoroughly tested. These are used in SkinMedica products, which is why they are so effective. When combined with antioxidants, growth factors work even more effectively. With more than eleven successful clinical trials, the SkinMedica APS Corrective Complex has proven to be a product that truly performs.

SkinMedica enjoys wide popularity for their skincare products’ excellent results. Some of their best-sellers are:

  • TNS Recovery Complex
  • TNS Essential Serum
  • Lytera Skin Brightening Complex
  • Retinol Complex
  • Total Defense + Repair
  • HA 5 Rejuvenating Hydrator