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Scar Reduction with Biocorneum

Biocorneum is an FDA-approved advanced scar treatment that boasts a number of features that aren’t offered by its competitors. It’s been shown to both prevent and minimize the presence of hypertrophic scars while also working to significantly decrease the size and visibility of older scarring that may have already existed. It also works well to prevent existing scars from darkening due to sun exposure, so you won’t have to worry about increasing their visibility by deciding to spend time outside.

How Can I Use Biocorneum?

During your consultation, a member of our aesthetics team will walk you through your various options, as we might have a number of different ways to help you reach your specific cosmetic goals. We’ll help you decide whether or not Biocorneum is the right treatment for you. It’s likely a great choice if you’re looking to address:

  • Scars from trauma
  • Surgical scars
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Old or new scars

Enjoy Healthy, Clear Skin

If you’ve been wondering how a product like Biocorneum can help with the reduction of your visible scars, we’re here to help! Reach out and set up your consultation at our Fort Myers location, and we’ll help you take those first important steps on your cosmetic journey.