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Oxygenetix is the only makeup created for patients for immediate use after surgical procedures. It is the best product to wear on the skin, which is why it has become an essential part of patient recovery for doctors, aestheticians, and dermatologists.

Post-procedure products

Apply Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix to kill bacteria, soothe burning sensations post CO2 laser resurfacing, and replenish moisture loss following treatment.

Oxygenating Foundation can then be used to conceal damaged skin and aid in the production of collagen and elastin. Oxigenetix foundation creates an 85% breathable barrier, acting as a second skin to keep moisture in and bacteria out, which allows you to recover faster, soothe your skin and heal.

Healing and concealing

The Oxygenetix line of products is light and breathable, continually introducing oxygen to the skin. This speeds skin cell production of collagen and elastin, clears up skin conditions, helps heal wounds and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh.

Oxygenetix products are safe for every skin type and are allergy, bacteria and non-comedogenic tested. Be confident knowing you can immediately conceal signs of treatment while knowing the healing process is continuing. Oxygenetix can conceal signs of skin redness and bruising, and is made in 14 different colors so that anyone can use it.

Stay active and look fantastic

Oxygenetix is a top choice for people of Hollywood because it is proven to look good on camera, even under hot lights. This no-sweat foundation even holds up during the most active scenes. Oxygenetix foundation feels light on the skin and is 85% breathable (compared to other foundation brands at 7%). It’s easy to apply and it stays put, leaving you looking effortlessly beautiful.