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Whether you are seeking to reduce signs of aging or you simply wish to pamper yourself with incredible self-care, a visit to Garramone Aesthetics Med Spa is a rewarding experience that can enhance beauty, well-being, and confidence. We provide access to a wide array of cutting-edge technology and cosmetic solutions, tailoring each treatment to your unique wishes, goals, and preferences. 

What is a med spa?

Med spas have grown in popularity over the years, thanks to the rise of non-invasive aesthetic solutions for the face, scalp, and body. At our med spa in Fort Myers, patients of all ages and genders can enjoy personalized, medical-grade treatments that revitalize their appearance and boost their energy. The spa-like environment is calming and rejuvenating, while the procedures are precise, transformative, and restorative.

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What is the difference between a medspa and a day spa?

Day spas are centers for relaxation and self-pampering. They may have massage therapists or technicians on hand. A med spa, on the other hand, is run by credentialed, licensed physicians who supervise your treatments, ensuring the safety and accuracy of your results. Med spas provide enhanced peace of mind through the use of carefully vetted, medical-grade products. While a day spa may be appropriate if you only wish to unwind, a med spa is where you go when you desire to improve aspects of your appearance under the watchful eye of a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Ralph Garramone.

Garramone Aesthetics - More Than Just Your Average Med Spa

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What are the benefits of going to a medspa?

  • Serene, soothing environment
  • Treatments are supervised by a licensed physician
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Enhances well-being and quality of life
  • Helps create a more youthful, inviting appearance
  • Addresses a wide array of aesthetic imperfections
  • Helps with weight management
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
  • Natural-looking results

Treatments offered at Garramone Aesthetics Med Spa in Fort Myers

Body Treatments

From CoolSculpting and EmSculpt NEO to laser hair removal and microneedling, we provide access to advanced technology for stunning results with minimal recovery time. 

Facial Rejuvenation 

Our facial rejuvenation treatments are designed to rewind the clock on aging and replenish the complexion. Choose from microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning, hydrafacial, ultherapy, Morepheus8, and many more!


From Juvederm and Sculptra to BOTOX and Kybella, we provide the full gamut of non-surgical injectables to combat a wide variety of skincare concerns. We can also combine fillers to achieve a near-flawless liquid facelift.

Skincare Products

Our medical-grade skincare products can enhance and protect your treatment results while optimizing your daily routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin.

VIP Spa Membership Program

Our exclusive VIP membership program comes with platinum, silver, and gold tiers, allowing you to customize your experience. Enjoy a range of luxury perks and complimentary extras such as a 30-minute chair massage!

Spotlight on Dr. Ralph Garramone

Dr. Garramone is a trusted aesthetic authority who has been serving the medical community in Fort Myers since 2000. His approach centers around providing outstanding concierge care for his patients, treating them honestly and compassionately as if they were his loved ones. 

Dr. Garramone received his medical degree from New York Medical College before pursuing a six-year residency in general surgery at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine/Hartford Hospital. During this time, he was honored with the renowned Murray-Helig Award for Excellence in Research and was selected as an Outstanding Surgical Resident. His plastic surgery residency was undergone at Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital. Dr. Garramone’s elite training, combined with his innate artistry, ensures your aesthetic results are balanced, nuanced, and personalized.