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Garramone Plastic Surgery Medical Gym Membership is your all-access pass to achieving your body sculpting goals.

What Is A Medical Gym Membership?

Embrace our Medical Gym Membership to kickstart and elevate your fitness journey and overall well-being. By harnessing the potency of groundbreaking technologies such as radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, you can shed fat and amplify muscle mass effortlessly.

Our cutting-edge technology does the heavy lifting for you, sculpting not just your physique but also your face. Rather than traditional weightlifting or calorie restriction, sit back and let advanced technologies like EmsculptNEO and EvolveX tackle unwanted fat while sculpting muscles.

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What To Expect

This membership expedites your weight loss and muscle-building objectives, ensuring long-lasting results. On average, we’ve had clients experience these results after eight to ten 30-minute treatments:

30% reduction in fat 25% increase in muscle mass

We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions monthly, targeting all major muscle groups for optimal results. 

Membership Costs

The cost of your first month is $2,000 down for four sessions.

What's Included

Your first month includes an initial consultation and an InBody Advanced Body Composition analysis, which provides precise measurements of body fat, muscle, and water levels ($500 value). The first four sessions (req. $1,000 per session) will be scheduled within the initial two weeks at two sessions per week, totaling four treatments.

Monthly Plans

For each additional month of maintenance, you can choose from the following:

4 treatments  $1,500 / month
2 treatments     $750 / month


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Dr. Garramone is a board-certified surgeon offering surgical and non-surgical treatment options in Fort Myers, Florida. You deserve the body of your dreams! Call us today to sign up for the Medical Gym Membership.

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