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Your Facelift in Fort Myers

Most of us notice our physical characteristics beginning age in a similar way: The face begins to change slowly, with lines developing on the forehead, and the eyebrows possibly moving lower while the skin around the upper eyelids loosens. Fatty deposits can also become more visible in the lower eyelids, and the skin and tone of the lower lids can become lax, all of which contribute to an unnecessarily aged look. Here at Garramone Plastic Surgery, we specialize in a facelift procedure that can effectively refresh and rejuvenate your look. If you’re in the Fort Myers or Naples, FL areas, reach out and set up your consultation today!

Facelift - What You Need To Know From Dr. Garramone

Facelift Procedure - What You Should Know With Dr. Garramone

Is a Facelift the Right Choice for Me?

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Who is an Ideal Facelift Candidate?

During your in-person consultation, we’ll get to know your cosmetic goals and the unique physical characteristics that bought you through our doors in the first place. We’ll work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs, and we’ll talk through all your options, as we might have a number of ways to help you achieve your goals.

You’re likely a great candidate for a facelift in Fort Myers if you’re dealing with:

  • Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Lost volume
  • Laxity
  • Sagging

When to Consider a Facelift in Fort Myers with Dr. Garramone

If you’re in Fort Myers or the Naples FL areas, you might want to consider a facelift with Dr. Garramone when you start noticing fine lines appearing and your cheeks starting to weaken and sag. In some cases, the nasolabial fold, which extends from the nostril to the corner of the mouth, often becomes more pronounced. 

A “marionette” line might form from the corner of the mouth to the side of the chin, while jowls might also form, altering the sharp, youthful contours of your jawline. Along with these gravity-influenced signs of aging, you might also see a loss of facial volume due to a combination of reduced facial fat and the gradual drooping of your facial tissues.

Signs of aging can also be present in the neck, and often these signs are present before aging signs in the face. The skin on the neck can begin to loosen and sag, and fat is known to accumulate just under the chin. A very thin muscle in the neck can also loosen with age, leading to the loss of that youthful, angular contour.

Your Facelift Experience

Minimally Invasive Facelift Procedures

Luckily, there are a number of procedures to reverse nearly all of these signs of aging. We’ll tailor your procedure to your specific issues, taking into account your current appearance, and drawing a roadmap to your desired goals. We’ll consider the parts of your face that brought you through our doors, formulating a plan that considers non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures first, before moving up to more invasive procedures, if necessary.

In some cases, patients may be candidates for a combination of injectables in order to improve the volume in areas of volume loss. Injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse can be utilized to improve contours in areas where lines or folds have developed.

Sculptra is used to restore volume over larger areas where volume in the form of facial fat is lost through the normal aging process. In certain patients, volume correction will fill out loose skin and delay the need for a surgical procedure.

Botox can improve lines and wrinkles specifically due to excessive muscle activity, creating a more well-rested, rejuvenated appearance without surgery with the MyEllevate, a minimally-invasive facelift developed to meet your needs.

In some cases, Ultherapy can be utilized together with these injectables as another nonsurgical method of tightening the skin. Or InstaLift, which is our newest procedure. Scheduling a complimentary consultation is helpful to assess your options.

Facelift Before and After Photos

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The “Short Incision” Facelift in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

When surgical rejuvenation of the face is necessary, we offer a number of choices, enabling you to customize your treatment plan in a variety of ways. Some patients are candidates for a “short incision” facelift, which involves an incision confined to the curves in front of the ear without extending behind it. It can be performed either under IV sedation or with local anesthesia alone and is generally recommended for patients who tend to be younger with less significant signs of aging, particularly in the lower face and neck.

More About the Facelift

The best patients for a facelift in Fort Myers and Naples will have good underlying bone structure and reasonably good skin elasticity, with aging signs like jowls, drooping cheeks, and laxity in the neck. In most cases, we can combine your procedure with other enhancements, like a brow lift, neck lift, or eyelid surgery, to more completely rejuvenate your face and overall appearance. We’ll talk through all your options with you during your consultation.


Facelift Incision Placement

If more advanced signs of aging are present, your facelift and necklift will be performed through incisions that will be placed in the natural skin creases that sit in front of each ear. They’ll extend up into the hairline, above your ears, and possibly into the hair just behind them.

Your Facelift Recovery

A facelift is usually performed on an outpatient basis, under IV sedation with local anesthesia, and you’ll be able to return to your routines about one to two weeks after surgery. Makeup may be applied after three to five days. Avoid strenuous sports and activities for two weeks.

Patient Testimonial - Facelift Fort Myers

Patient Testimonial - Susan - Face Lift

Facial Implants at Garramone Plastic Surgery

Facial implants are a great way to enhance the basic structure of the face by aesthetically recontouring certain areas like the cheeks or chin to create a more harmonious look. It’s not uncommon for patients to supplement surgical procedures like a facelift or a brow lift with a facial implant procedure to restore that youthful look.

A chin implant is also often placed alongside a rhinoplasty procedure, as the relationship between the nose and chin is important when it comes to achieving a natural sense of facial harmony and symmetry.


Facial Contouring in Fort Myers and Naples, FL

Facial contouring entails inserting an implant within the facial tissue through small incisions made on the inside of the upper and/or lower lips. If external incisions are necessary, they’ll be small and discreetly placed in the natural contours or creases of your face. In almost all cases, the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, with full recovery typically extending over one or two weeks.

If you’re ready to learn more about what a facelift in Fort Myers can do for you and you’re in Fort Myers, Naples FL, or the nearby areas, we’re excited to hear from you! Dr. Garramone has been creating naturalistic, artistically elegant results for over 20 years now, and he’s excited to learn more about how he can unite you with the results of your dreams. Reach out and set up your consultation today!

Facelift FAQ

How long does a facelift take?

Depending on the specific patient and treatment plan, a facelift can take anywhere from two to six hours to complete.

Will I have scars after my facelift?

There may be mild scarring after your facelift procedure, but Dr. Garramone always makes the incisions as small and inconspicuous as possible to make the scars less noticeable. He will also provide you with detailed instructions to ensure that your scars heal quickly and smoothly.

How much pain will there be after my facelift?

There may be some soreness in the days following your facelift, but it should be fairly mild. If you need, Dr. Garramone can prescribe you pain medication to minimize discomfort.

Are facelift results permanent?

Even after your facelift, the aging process will continue, so your facial skin may eventually start to droop again. However, if you take good care of your skin, the results of the procedure should last at least 10 years.

What are the risks of a facelift?

Like any surgery, a facelift does come with certain risks. Possible complications of the procedure include infection, nerve damage, hair loss, and delayed wound healing. Having your facelift performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Garramone will greatly reduce the likelihood of complications.

What is the ideal age for a facelift?

There’s not necessarily a perfect age to undergo a facelift. Facelift surgery can be a great option for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s. During your consultation, Dr. Garramone will help you determine whether or not a facelift is the ideal procedure for your needs.