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Scar Reduction with Silagen

Silagen offers a physician-exclusive line of scar treatments made with medical-grade, pure silicone gel that was scientifically engineered to dramatically reduce the presence of visible scarring. If you’re finding yourself feeling self-conscious due to the presence of visible scarring, Silagen is your chance to regain that confidence and enjoy the fresh, clear, healthy skin you know you deserve. If you’re ready to learn more about what this treatment can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation today!

How Silagen Can Help You Today

Made with 100% pure, medical-grade silicone gel, Silagen is an effective topical treatment for old and new scars alike. If you’ve been feeling self-conscious or are dressing in a way that’s designed to cover up unsightly scar tissue, Silagen can help you regain that confidence and finally enjoy the outfits of your choice. We offer a number of different solutions here at Garramone Plastic Surgery, so during your consultation, we’ll work with you and help you decide whether or not this is the treatment for you.

Silagen is perfect for significantly reducing the presence of visible scar tissue due to:

  • Trauma
  • Injury
  • Surgery
  • Burns
  • Wounds
  • Cosmetic procedures