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Your Lip Lift in Fort Myers

While a lip lift can help you by physically lifting your lips and mouth, we offer other, less invasive methods of improving your facial appearance and walking back some of the earlier signs of facial aging that can show up around the lips and mouth. A process known as fat grafting can also utilize fat harvested from other parts of your body, enabling us to improve the size, volume, and shape of your lips and mouth, while also eliminating mild to moderate fine lines, wrinkles, and other issues.

If you’re in Fort Myers, Naples FL, or the nearby areas, reach out and set up your consultation today and learn more about how we can create results that will enable you to absolutely love the way you look every single day.

When to Consider Lip Augmentation

Here at Garramone Plastic Surgery, we understand that cosmetic work is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll consider your goals carefully and work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your unique physical characteristics and personal aesthetic aspirations.

You’re likely a great candidate for lip augmentation with Dr. Garramone if you’re dealing with:

  • Lost volume
  • Thin lips
  • Sagging skin
  • Drooping features
  • Lines and wrinkles

Exploring Your Lip Augmentation Options

Lip Lift

By surgically repositioning the tissues and muscles around your mouth, a surgical lip lift is a great way to enjoy permanent results. This procedure can leave you looking fresh and alert, and can correct mild to moderate facial issues, like skin laxity, lost volume, smoker’s lines, and more.

Fat Transfer

If you’re primarily concerned with restoring volume and plumpness to your lips and mouth, fat transfer can be a great option. This procedure uses liposuction to remove fat from one area, before it’s safely injected into the treatment area, where it can increase plumpness and volume.

The Garramone Plastic Surgery Difference

Creating the results you deserve is equal parts art and science, especially when it comes to surgical facial rejuvenation. For over 20 years now, Dr. Garramone has created incredible results for patients in Fort Myers, Naples FL, and the nearby areas. He’ll work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that brings you in line with the results of your dreams, so you can absolutely love the way you look every single day.

If you think lip augmentation might be the right choice for you, we want to hear from you! The lip lift is a highly effective method for facial rejuvenation, and our fat transfer procedure is a great way to add volume and fullness. Reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about lip augmentation today!