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Weight Loss Program Ft. Myers

Get started with Dr. Garramone’s Weight loss & Wellness program. Lose weight fast with this medically-supervised weight loss plan.

Dr. Garramone offers a proven weight loss plan of diet and exercise, providing his patients the opportunity to take control of their appearance and their health. Diets can be difficult to maintain especially with hectic schedules and travel. Our weight management and wellness program, supervised directly from Dr. Garramone, allows you to lose weight safely and efficiently.

Our program offers:

  • Medical supervision including initial medical evaluation
  • Weekly visits to monitor progress, provide support and ensure optimal medical safety
  • FDA approved appetite suppressants to control hunger in appropriate cases
  • Supplemental injections when appropriate to hunger in appropriate cases
  • Individualized nutritional planning
  • Exercise counseling and support

Weight Loss FAQ’s

I am a vegetarian, does your weight loss program have a vegetarian option?
Yes, we have a meal plan that accommodates Vegetarians and Vegans.

How long does the weight loss program last?
The length of the program is unique for each patient. The length of time you will be enrolled in the Acute Phase of the program depends on how long it takes you to reach your goal weight.

What does your weight loss program consist of?
There are 3 main components of our program: Diet, Vitamins & Supplements, and Exercise. It is important to incorporate all 3 components in order to get your best results.

How many office visits are required for weight loss?
You will have an Initial Office Visit in order to begin the program and then come in weekly to have your weight and body fat percentage recorded. The number of visits varies based on your goals and the total weight loss required.

How long has Dr. Garramone’s weight loss and wellness program been in operation?
We began our program in July of 2009, and since then have hundreds of patients complete the program with great success.

For more information about a Weight Loss Program, or to schedule a Weight Loss consultation, please contact Dr. Garramone’s office today at 239.482.1900.

Pictured below is an example of of a client’s success:


This client went from 186 lbs. before, to 156 lbs. after her weight loss program with Dr. Garramone.