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Breast Augmentation Commonly Asked Questions Ft. Myers

What type of bra should I wear after surgery and for how long?
I recommend that my patients wear an underwire bra beginning immediately after surgery and in fact we place patients in an underwire bra in the recovery room after surgery. I recommend a well fitting underwire with cups, which helps to support the weight of the implants over time. Otherwise, your skin is essentially supporting the weight of the implant and there is more likely to be drooping in that case.

I recommend a sports bra when exercising. I don’t recommend a sports bra all the time or overnight because a sports bra is compressive and it doesn’t support the type of breast shape we want after surgery.

What are the differences between saline and silicone implants?
I use mostly silicone gel implants is my practice. Silicone has several advantages over saline. It will look and feel more natural than saline. Silicone implants tends to ripple and wrinkle less than saline. The main advantage with silicone implants is that they do not leak, which means they will last longer than saline implants.

Saline implants do cost less than silicone and in patients with a greater amount of breast tissue and body fat the rippling is less of an issue. The saline implant can be placed through a slightly shorter incision since it is placed when it is empty and then filled. The silicone implants require a longer incision because they are filled when they are manufactured.

Is it safe to breast-feed after a breast augmentation?
Breast implants do not interfere with breast-feeding. It is safe to breast-feed with either saline or silicone implants. If the breast augmentation is performed with an incision around the areola this may interfere with the breast ducts and their continuity with the nipple. If you are interested in breast-feeding after a breast augmentation I would recommend an alternate incision, either in the crease under the breast or through the armpit.

Will a breast augmentation make my stretch marks better?
Unfortunately, stretch marks are permanent. The breast implant will fill out the skin and in most cases the stretch marks will seem better. Sometimes, the loose skin of the breast makes the stretch marks more noticeable. You can simulate this by stretching the skin with your hands and seeing if there is any change to the stretch marks. This simulates the stretching that occurs with the breast implant.

I have only seen patients younger than 20 develop new stretch marks after a breast augmentation. So getting additional stretch make would be very unusual.

Will I have a large gap between my breasts after a breast augmentation?
The distance between breast implants, which will determine how much cleavage you have after a breast augmentation, is determined by your anatomy. If your breasts are far apart before surgery, you will most likely have a wider space between them after surgery. If your breasts are close together before surgery, the implants will be closer together after surgery.

Whether the implants are under the muscle will also affect this since the muscle attaches to the breastbone. If the muscle happens to attach at the outer edge of a wide breastbone the implants will be farther apart.

The surgeon can try to decrease this distance, however being too aggressive can result in implant visibility in this area. That is rippling may be visible in certain clothing or a bikini top. The worst problem that can occur with trying to position the implants too close together is elimination of the cleavage area altogether, which is a condition, called “symmastia”. This requires another procedure to treat and it is difficult to treat.

What is the best procedure for me? I have saggy breasts and large areolas.
In most cases if you have saggy breasts you need a breastlift. This procedure improves the shape of the breast and restores a more youthful look. At the same time the areola diameter is reduced. In most cases, a breast implant is placed to restore volume to the upper part of the breast. The implant also provides some projection and shape to the breast.

You should have consultations with 2 or 3 board certified plastic surgeons. Check credentials not only for the surgeon but also for the anesthesia provider and the accreditation status of the facility.