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The Diamond Lift Ft. Myers

Diamond Lift - Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Ralph GarramoneLooking to polish your appearance? Our newest procedure does just that!

Our Custom Approach

Youthful appearances have many qualities that resemble the shape of a diamond. The face has defined features with a tight and full appearance. As we age, however, the volume and structure are gradually lost and facial contours soften. As this change occurs, the defined shape of the face begins to collapse and loses volume. Due to aging, the once beautiful diamond features become wrinkled and misshapen. The Diamond LiftTM reverses this process, returning the face to its original brilliance.


Dr. Garramone created The Diamond Lift in order to help his patients reclaim their youth. The Diamond Lift uses minimally invasive procedures to redefine the regions of the face that begin to droop and sag with age while also polishing the skin to bring it back to its youthful brilliance. These goals are accomplished through the use of various non-surgical techniques including Botox, Voluma, Fractional CO2, Intense Pulse Light, and Precision TX.


Another incredible facet of The Diamond Lift is its ability to work for you. The procedure is customized for the individual patient based on his or her needs and goals. Additionally, the procedure takes only two hours. When performed on a Friday, most patients can return to work on Monday, looking as flawless as a diamond.

For more information about the Diamond Lift, or to schedule a Diamond Lift consultation, please contact Dr. Garramone’s office today at 239.482.1900.