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Rhinoplasty Ft. Myers

The nose holds a prominent position on the face; therefore, it is one of the strongest character-assigning features on the face. Throughout history, surgery on the nose has been performed to change its appearance and also to restore form following trauma. This procedure (also called a rhinoplasty) can redefine the nose’s shape, size, and general appearance to achieve an aesthetic balance between the nose and the other facial features.

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

During a rhinoplasty, the cartilage and/or bone structure that gives the nose its shape is modified. The skin is then re-draped over the newly shaped framework, providing the nose its new appearance. The changes can be subtle or dramatic depending on the patient’s needs. Rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction with other procedures to achieve the most natural facial appearance.

The goal with a rhinoplasty is a nose that appears natural, functions properly, and is in balance with the rest of the face. The patient’s wishes about the type of nose desired are always considered. However, there are limiting factors. The texture and thickness of the skin, previous injury, individual differences in healing, and differences in facial proportions all play important roles in what can be achieved.

Rhinoplasty Outpatient Surgery

A rhinoplasty is usually performed as outpatient surgery, with patients returning home the same day. A rhinoplasty can be combined with other procedures, most often a chin augmentation with an implant. This combined procedure can be utilized to improve proportion between the chin and nose, both of which strongly affect the profile. In most cases, surgery is performed under light general anesthesia or IV sedation and most people return to their normal routines within a day or two. However, patients should avoid strenuous activities for two weeks.

Rhinoplasty Initial Consultation

Typically at your initial consultation we will take digital photographs of the patient’s nose and upload these on a computer. This will allow us to make digital changes to the photographs to give patients an idea of what may be possible with surgery. This helps to visualize the post-operative appearance.

For more information about rhinoplasty, or to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation, please contact Dr. Garramone’s office today at 239.482.1900.