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Vivace Ft. Myers

Vivace Fort Myers ProcedureUp to recently, procedures for fine lines and wrinkles to help minimize their appearance have been treated by Botox and fillers, lasers or more involved surgical options. Now, there is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that addresses these same concerns with enhanced facial and body rejuvenation and without the side effects or downtime. Introducing Vivace Fractional Micro Needle RF – a non-surgical treatment for contouring and tightening the face, neck, hands and body that stimulates the natural production of collagen, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Garramone Plastic Surgery, located in Fort Myers, Florida is pleased to announce that it is the first aesthetic practice in all southwest Florida to offer Vivace. Vivace is an FDA-cleared device that combines microneedling with radio frequency (RF) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy. This three-in-one device treats the skin under topical anesthesia numbing agent (cream) and with no downtime. The Vivace process involves the use of sterile microneedles to create microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin, while radio frequency provides heat stimulating the body to produce new collagen. And the LEDs provide red or blue light therapy applied immediately following the treatment. LED lights are wavelengths of light (not using UVA or UVB rays) to aid in quicker recovery time. The blue light helps kill bacteria under the skin. This important when treating acne patients. Red light coagulates vessels to help calm the skin. Unlike other microneedling devices, the treatment is fully customizable based on the patients’ needs and is virtually pain free comfort in mind.

A game-changing benefit of using the Vivace micro needling technique versus historical laser or other RF is that it allows the microscopic channels to remain open for several hours, thereby allowing the treatment to penetrate the skin longer and creating immediate results. And of course, there isn’t any downtime with the treatment, so you can go out that evening or back to work the same day. “We evaluated all skin tightening devices and options for our clients, and concluded that Vivace presented the best of class and most safe and effective treatment option for our patients,” states Dr. Ralph Garramone, Medical Director and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

As with any type of treatment, it’s best to consult with a trusted physician. Garramone Plastic Surgery is approved and trained to provide Vivace Fractional Micro Needle RF. It is now offering Vivace to its clients as the ultimate treatment for both facial and body skin rejuvenation.

To set up your appointment, please contact Garramone Plastic Surgery, 239.482.1900.