Breast cancer is a common disease that affects a large population of women over the course of their lives. It can be a traumatic experience for any woman to have to go through.

In order to treat breast cancer, women often have to undergo a surgical procedure called a mastectomy, which is designed to remove the cancerous breasts. The removal of the breasts is necessary, but in its absence, a woman may lose her sense of femininity and develop a poor image of herself. It can be a extremely stressful to deal with

Fortunately, women who have undergone the mastectomy surgery can now find relief in a procedure called breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgery procedure designed to restore the patient’s breasts after a mastectomy. There are primarily two breast reconstruction procedures that a woman can choose from.

The first is implant reconstruction, which involves surgically placing implants with silicone gel, saline solution, or a combination of the two.

The second procedure is called an autologous or flap reconstruction. Here, tissue is taken from another part of the body and is used to reconstruct the breasts. The tissue is typically taken from the back, thigh, or belly. In some cases, a flap reconstruction may involve the use of implants as well.

Additionally, women can also choose to reconstruct the nipple during the procedure to enhance the overall look and help it be more inline with the new breast shape. However, it is possible to conduct a nipple-sparing mastectomy, where the nipple is preserved.

Choosing the Right Type of Breast Reconstruction

Determining which type of breast reconstruction you need isn’t an easy task. There are several considerations to be made, which means you will have to discuss the details with your doctor. Here are some of the things that you will likely be discussing.

• The size of the breast/breasts being reconstructed.

• The location and size of the cancer.

• The extent of the mastectomy.

• The need for additional treatments after the cancer surgery.

• The quantity of tissues available. For instance, extremely skinny women are usually unable to offer extra tissue and may have to settle for implant reconstruction.

• The desire to match the look with the other breast.

• Your insurance coverage and the costs associated with the unaffected breast.

• The recovery time needed. Do you want to recover fast?

• Your willingness to undergo more than one procedure.

• The impact of the procedure on the other parts of the body.

What to Expect from the Procedure

Once all the considerations have been discussed and decisions made, your surgeon will review your medical history to determine in you are a good candidate for the surgery. He will also help decide on the best type of reconstruction technique is ideal for your needs for your. which type of breast reconstruction procedure is ideal for you. There are pros and cons to both procedures.

Implant reconstruction, for instance, is relatively easier to carry out and also, easier to recover from. Flap reconstruction, on the other hand, is quite complex and time-consuming, but the results look more natural. Also, recovery takes much longer.

There are several other factors to be considered and only your doctor will be able to guide you on what’s ideal for your situation.

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