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Jeane Thomas, Nurse Practitioner, ARNP

She is hands on, knowledgeable, and an expert willing to assist and answer any questions regarding the services she administers and the products she recommends. She performs an extensive list of aesthetic procedures, including dermal fillers, neurotoxin injections, chemical peels, laser and micro-needling treatments.  She is also an expert and an experienced trainer for such minimally invasive procedures such as Aviva-Femitite, Facetite, and Morpheus.

 Affectionately known as “Gianni”, she joined our aesthetic team in 2020, having been a clinical and surgical trainer in the USA and abroad with two aesthetic industry leaders - Inmode and MyEllevate. Her experience at Garramone Plastic Surgery has resulted in our clients being happy when they leave, and excited to return to her. She takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting patients’ every expectation in their aesthetic journey. 

Jeane spent time as a Nurse Practitioner in Brazil prior to coming to the USA. She then earned her American master’s degree as Nurse Practitioner (MSN) as well. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. During her free time, she likes to spend her time with her family, especially her 2 yorkies, Isabella and Milly. A wonderful person to meet, an incredible expert to experience!